Strategic Plan


We envision a time when the Coastal Bend’s diverse community has great confidence in our education system and the ability to educate all students to high standards and prepare them to continue their education and enter the world of work.


Education to Employment Partners is a catalyst to bring together people, resources, and information to increase educational and job attainment in the Coastal Bend.

Strategic Plan 2021-2025            

GOAL 1:  EDUCATE – Be an informed source on educational issues.

Objective 1.1      Provide information to the public on a consistent basis.


  • Continue to keep the E2E website updated and provide links to other sites that are needed and appropriate.
  • Develop social media and virtual marketing tools to educate the public on education and workforce issues.
  • Update, review, revise and refine marketing materials on a yearly basis.
  • Using a targeted approach, provide presentations to business, civic, and educational organizations. 

Objective 1.2      Promote educational attainment and career readiness through a variety of venues.


  • Increase efforts to discuss educational issues with key entities and the media.
  • Target specific populations for greater support based on need (i.e. economically disadvantaged students in rural and urban settings and/or students in at-risk situations). 

GOAL 2:  ENGAGE – Raise awareness of educational issues and obtain support for action.

Objective 2.1 Convene meetings to improve education and gain support for initiatives.


  • Meet with targeted key regional leaders on a consistent basis by leading the Mayor’s Education/Workforce Committee and other initiatives.
  • Convene forums and meetings for superintendents, educators, students, business leaders, and other interested stakeholders to update them on E2E activities and educate them on best practices.
  • Provide educators with information on the jobs of today and tomorrow based on regional workforce data.
  • Continue to identify and secure additional funding sources. 

GOAL 3:  COORDINATE – Collaborate with other community organizations to promote improvement of education.

Objective 3.1 Support initiatives of the regional P-16 Council.


  • Identify specific funding sources to accomplish the initiatives of the Council. 

Objective 3.2 Support Coastal Compass Education and Career Resource Center and Coastal Compass Mobile Center.


  • Identify and solicit new partners and funding sources to sustain the Center.
  • Identify and continue to collaborate with specific government, community, civic, and private sector entities to enhance and expand the initiatives of Coastal Compass.

Objective 3.3 Work with other community organizations, as appropriate, to support an inclusive education and workforce system.


  • Participate in education, employer, and community collaboratives.

GOAL 4: EVALUATE – Assess the impact of the stated goals and strategies. 

Objective 4.1  Explore appropriate assessment measures to evaluate objectives and initiatives.


  • Identify metrics and people who have evaluation expertise.  
  • Review data and review the evidence to determine successes and changes that may be required.
  • Track performance of resources being deployed.
  • Provide and publish an annual report with data that is understandable.